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Commercial Works

The Trough Sink was originally designed for luxury commercial applications. Trough Sinks can blend multiple faucet configurations with a single, long sink basin.

Our residential Trough Sink comes in two standard profiles. The Bold Line and the Style Line. The Bold Line has a 9” profile and the Style Line has a 5” profile.

Our commercial Trough Sink comes in an ADA compliant 5" profile.

Hand Crafted out of our exclusive Magnesium Ceramic binder, imperfections in color, porosity and dimensions are all valued aesthetic qualities. Enjoy!

Depending on the product, 70-80% of our raw materials are sourced from the USA. All of our luxury products are still
handcrafted in Fresno, CA USA! We are ARRA compliant.

Standard products available in lead times as little as 4 weeks. Custom products are made to your specifications in lead times as little as 6 weeks. Eko is available in three very unique surfaces (Ekopure, Ekostone, and Ekotwist).

San Diego Zoo
Social House Restaurant
Las Vegas, NV
Rock Bottom Brewery
National Dance Institute
New York, NY
DC Luxury Ranch
Scottsdale, AZ
Bank 34
Equibrand Holding Corporation
Million Air
Indianapolis, IN
Boeing Welcome & Delivery Center
Charleston, SC
Zocalo Mexican Cuisine
Kansas City, MO
San Louis National Wildlife Center
Philip Morris USA Plant
Taco Bell High Line Series
Various Locations

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Commercial Trough Sink
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The "Trough" Counter Sink

PDF Specification Sheet Commercial Trough Sink

PDF Specification Sheet Residential Trough Sink

EkoStone Trough Sink
Commercial Trough Sink
EkoPure Trough Sink

Style Line - Incorporates a simple refined 5” profile.

EkoStone Trough Sink Gracing The WATG Award
Winning “Haptik” Sustainable Suite.
2010 Hospitality Design Expo

EKO stamp can be found in the lower LH Corner.
Genuine Magnesium Ceramic product

Trough Sink Bold Line - Incorporates our Bold 9” profile. Multiple countertop and basin configurations are available.

Trough Sink Style Line - Incorporates a simple refined 5” profile. Multiple countertop and basin configurations are available.